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I wish you all to be content! Happiness is way too strong feeling to last long, so I want you to be content. May you love your relatives and friends, respect your enemies, appreciate your life, enjoy your job and well…  sometimes be happy! ^_^
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Well… as I promised, here is a really big post about my Toronto trip. Honestly, I have millions of photos and billions of words to say, but I'm going to show/tell you just a few, in order not to kill you with a torrent of information and emotions of mine.

First of all there is a place I lived during my trip. I lived with super extra-sweet and awesome Philippine women. And one of the reason why I was really so happy with my trip is precisely  living with this people. Lynette, Marry-Ann, Johan, I already miss you, guys! :D

There is a school I went, and the guys I've met there. Btw, for those who don't know, I was learning english the whole two months there. As the next autumn I'm going to College in Toronto, I had to improve my English.

A few words about the very city. Well, I love the idea how Toronto is organized. You can o to the center, where everything is saturated. You can find, do, see really everything. I had a feeling that the whole world is concentrated in there. On the other hand, going home, you're arriving to the quiet place full of parks and town-houses, where the silence and piece going nearby you. That's cool! Especially for those crazy guys like, who can't come up with a decision what do they love more:  quick live of the big cities, or quiet one of countrysides. :)

Squirrels… my goodness, they're black! Black squirrels! It's so cool and stylish! In my place they're braun, gray (in winter) and orange.

Niagara Falls… no comments needed. They're just outstanding. I filled all of my three memory cards there. :D

So this is just a few photos. If you're still alive, you can see more in my on my Facebook, it's here:… I have a plenty of shots from Toronto in my albums. ;)
Have a good day guy! :)
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Hey, guy! I'm finally in Toronto!!! :D Is here any canadians, who can name the most amazing places, I have to visit in the city or somewhere nearby? I've already been at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons! :D
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Hello! :)
At last I've created my Facebook Page. It's pure and fresh by now... so I'd like to hear your suggestions about it's development. What do you want me to publish there?
Anyway it's here:… Welcome! :)))
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As so many of you ask me to show my working process, I've decided to follow this suggestion. I've already submitted the working process of the "She". And I'm, about to submit more processes. I'm still not good at this but I'm trying to make them more useful ant interesting for you! So I'll be very pleased to hear your advises. And all you need is don't forget to check my blog! ;)
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Sorry... I gonna to whine a little! I moove to Canada after to years, course there is no life for artists in Russia! In my plans is to leave my country forever! And... becouse of this I have to sell my horse! My darling Dobrinia! It's terrinble! I have no choice, course I heve no money to take him with me, and he deserves the better life with the master, who will care for him! What a monster I am! I am loosing my four-footed friend in a reason of my damn human ambitions!!! D':
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Hi here! Now there is more... me in the Internet! :D Now you can follow me on Twitter (!/ChristinZakh) and read my blog ( Hope you'll enjoy it! ;) Have a nice day!
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I was working under my next work. And... suddenly I've mentioned that something is not right whith the guy's hand. At the first time I didn't understand what is exactly wrong with it. And when I've found the problem, I fell off my chair! :D Can you see my fail?
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Let me publish a little post about using my works. I acept using them anyway you want. You can download them and submit to any sites and forums or print them on the T-shirt! ^_^ I draw for you and find it asolutly normal to let you use my pictures.
I have originals of my works, both traditional and digital (PSD) and can proove that I am an author.
It is not a rule, but just an ask: please notice that the works made by ChristinZakh from deviantart.I guess I deserve it. ;-)